It is time to move on?
Candidates 11 months ago 1 Comment

We all have bad days at work, but how can you tell if you are having a bit of a miserable one or if you genuinely need to start thinking about finding a new role?

I have met candidates who have been miserable for years, and some who give us a call at the first sign of the Monday blues.  Moving roles can be daunting, but 99% of us do it.

But do you know when?

I’d say if you match any of the below, it is time to give us a call….

Loss of faith

Perhaps not in the evangelical sense, but if you aren’t as convinced that you have absolute faith in what your company does, you need to look for someone else you can truly believe in.

Sick days?

Research shows that being unhappy impacts your health, stress can manifest itself in the form of aches and pains.  If you are finding work makes you ill, I’d say it is time to move on.  Likewise if you have gone from dedicated employee to considering throwing a sick day, I’d say your faith and drive have left the building and its time to do the same.


Sunday night trauma

If you spend your weekend dreading Monday then it is time to start writing your CV.  Weekends should not be about work worries, life is too short for that.


Bored, bored, bored

Does it feel like groundhog day at the office?  Have you asked for more responsibility and not really had your needs met?


Boredom at work is dire, we spend a long time in the office and that should be spent working hard to reap the benefits not just passing time until the home time bell rings.

If you can’t advance your career where you are – look for pastures new.


If this strikes a cord and you find yourself agreeing, give Signet a call to discuss what you need in your next opportunity and we can help direct your search.