What do employers look for when hiring a Interim/ Temporary worker?
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What do people think about when they consider interim/temporary work?  For some, it is easy to discard a temporary vacancy due to the occasional stereotype surrounding this type of employment.  Temporary work may often be associated with that seasonal worker brought in to manage the hectic Christmas interval, or to help manage those busy administrative periods, however, people often overlook the importance of temporary working opportunities.

When job hunting it is essential to banish those stereotypes and remember the important fact that temporary vacancies can lead to an often desired permanent job, or alternatively can provide a convenient solution for both employee and worker, in terms of flexibility of employment.

When hiring an Interim/ Temporary worker there are some key characteristics that employers often look for when searching for the ideal candidate for the role:

– An employer needs someone who can commit to their full contract – employers do not want a worker to start who does not want to be there and does not intend to see out their contract, so considering contract length is essential.

– Employers want a candidate with passion and flare for their job role, someone who will really bring something to the company and show enthusiasm for their position.

– A candidate that is available at short notice is a great advantage, providing a quick and convenient solution for both worker and employer with mutual benefit.

– Professionalism – employers look for a worker that can undoubtedly uphold the same level of professionalism as any other worker i.e. punctual, smartly dressed, professional

– Team player – Employers desire someone that is willing to become part of the team and will really attempt to integrate themselves into the working culture of a company

– Reliable –  A worker that is honest and reliable with the ability to undertake the expected job duties to the best of their ability

If you are looking for a potential permanent role or to just succeed in your temporary contract by building on knowledge and experience, a temporary assignment can provide both a candidate and employer with these potential options.  Temporary work can offer an easy way to network and make new contacts which can be beneficial in the future, providing a great opportunity to make a fantastic first impression.

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