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Recruiting is changing and the ‘war on talent’ (a phrase familiar to many in the industry) has never been more relevant than today.  Has the recruitment process become more sophisticated (possibly) more accessible (definitely) so what does this

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If management was easy then wouldn't every one do it? The fact is, at times managing people can be tough and lonely, dependant on the business size you are in.  Not everyone is a breeze to be managed and/or

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An unexpected resignation can send an organised business into mild turmoil.  Business plans are usually created with expansion plans in place rather than retraction and losing a strong team member means you or your team are going to

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Working in a recruitment agency that has a desk dedicated to HR and Talent Acquisition recruitment, I am often asked, why we place Talent Acquisition professionals into businesses, who would surely then stop coming to us for recruitment

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As Steve Jobs once said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Each day, thousands and thousands of employees in the UK are considering a move from their existing

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The cost of recruitment is expensive, not just the actual hire, but the training, the investment and the ongoing needs.  It is time consuming and can often be frustrating when recruiting to replace rather than to hire. Surely, it

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The recession made the recruitment market a more reactive environment.  Through no fault of their own, good candidates were being made redundant as businesses collapsed under the strain of the credit crunch. For companies who built their teams during

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Every company has done it at some stage in their lifespan.  No matter how well thought out the recruitment process, how every question was asked and the right answer given, sometimes the wrong person is hired. Here are indicators

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She inspired me, mentored me, and gave me the confidence to choose literature as my degree.

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