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An unexpected resignation can send an organised business into mild turmoil.  Business plans are usually created with expansion plans in place rather than retraction and losing a strong team member means you or your team are going to

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The act of giving a reference has become more challenging in recent years.  As a recruiter it isn’t uncommon to hear the phrase “sorry, we have a no reference policy” from a former employers mouth. But references are still

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We are taught from a young age that security and stability are important and that getting a good, steady job is the only way to achieve this. But what if the good, steady job doesn’t make you entirely

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I once saw a description of recruitment which said “Recruitment is easy. It’s like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire, you’re on fire and everything is on fire…. Because you’re in hell! Whilst this is an extreme

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CV’s are a piece of marketing data, an advertising tool that should be designed to sell you as perfect for the role you have applied for. Like a newspaper article, the headline should be snappy and draw the reader

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Writing or updating your CV is a process that can be time consuming and to a degree, challenging.  Certainly if you have had a period of time out of work.  In my experience candidates can certainly find these

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  Self improvement is something to be proud off, but at the time, getting recognition for that improvement can be tough.  Developing yourself enough to be able to ask for a promotion is an impressive feat, not to mention

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The time has come, and you have decided to move on from your current role.  Hopefully you want to leave on a strong professional note, where your colleagues will be happy to recommend you and leave the door

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Fact: As cited by the wall street Journal Of people who accepted their counteroffers, 93% left within 18 months Source: Wall Street Journal