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Are Mondays your worse day of the week?  Do you find yourself crawling into the office with full on blues after the weekend. You are probably one of many, the job market is full of candidates looking to achieve

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Having a social media strategy when looking for a new job is crucial.  With so many platforms to represent yourself on, and more and more stories of candidates losing out on offers because of inappropriate content on their

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Getting an offer for a new job feels pretty amazing, and most of us all tend to immediately focus on the salary on offer as the main point.  However, at the point of offer there is plenty more

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Looking to ensure you get the job you want? It isn't as hard as you can often think, but like anything in life, if you really want it - you need to work for it. So follow our simple tips

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The act of giving a reference has become more challenging in recent years.  As a recruiter it isn’t uncommon to hear the phrase “sorry, we have a no reference policy” from a former employers mouth. But references are still

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We are taught from a young age that security and stability are important and that getting a good, steady job is the only way to achieve this. But what if the good, steady job doesn’t make you entirely

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Have you considered a career in the automotive industry? Passionate about cars and want to work in an area you love? At Signet, we work with some amazing automotive clients, who are leading the way in innovation and creativity.  They

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The nights are pulling in, the clocks go back next week and everyone is getting ready for Halloween. While sitting at home on these dark autumn nights how about taking a look at some of the great roles

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We are now into the second week of October, the scarfs are out and the leaves are falling. Something you probably didn’t know is that it is National Pizza and Dessert Month! What’s your favourite pizza topping? What’s

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We all have bad days at work, but how can you tell if you are having a bit of a miserable one or if you genuinely need to start thinking about finding a new role? I have met candidates